Looking uptown from 46th Street

12 10 2007

Looking uptown from 46th Street
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

Here’s another vintage view of Times Square in New York (circa 1955). You can just barely see the billboard for Chevrolet (where the old Kellogg’s ad used to be), peeking out from behind the Canadian Club Imported Whiskey and Admiral Television Appliances ads.

Notice the billboards advertising Palisades Park, Bardinet Superior French Brandy, Manischewitz, Budweiser, and Drakes Devil Dogs.

You can also see the marquee for the Globe Theatre, showing the release of “The Sins of the Borgias” (1953), as well as the marquee promoting Cinerama Holiday, the second Cinerama presentation of 1955, shown at Warner Cinerama.

Can you make out any more of the signs? Look closely