Inside the Hottest Towns in the U.S.A.

5 11 2007

Inside the Hottest Towns in the U.S.A.
Inside Magazine, March 1958.
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

This itty bitty little magazine is sure to warm the heart (or elsewhere) of warm-blooded men everywhere (or at least it was intended to, back in the 50s). Men’s magazines sure have changed over the years. What is considered “Sensational” certainly has!

Check out some of the vintage advertisements for Stag movies, books, photos, viewers and other assorted attractions.

In case you are wondering, the “Hottest Towns” featured are: Miami (hot climate, hot times), Puerto Rico (seamen’s paradise), Los Angeles (stars, strippers, and sex), Havana (city of chips and chippies), New Orleans (the most wicked of them all), Baltimore (where statesmen stay), and New York (big city, big times).

The art director on this fine little publication is Jack Newman. Picture editor is Harold Asher. No illustrator names are mentioned. How scandalous! See more


The Lennox Furnace Company

28 09 2007

Lennox Aire-Flo Heating
Illustrated by Dave Mink
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

I found a set of 1950s brochures and correspondence from the Lennox Furnace Company, “The World’s Largest Manufacturers and Engineers of Warm Air Heating Systems.” Great illustrations, but the folks seem just a tad too excited about their new heating, don’t ya think?

Nowadays, I think that level of excitement is restricted to people who can actually afford to buy a home in the Bay area.

I will be uploading many more illustrated brochures related to housing in the near future.

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