The New Era of Healthy Food―Potato Chips

9 11 2007

The New Era Potato Chips
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

Feast Without Fear!! Back in the 30s, The New Era came out with this great new health food―Potato Chips, in a can!! Back when “Scientifically Processed” meant better.

On the back:
Science Says… “The Alkaline Side is the Healthy Side.”

New Era Potato Chips and partially starch dextrinized and therefore more readily digested… Chemical analyses have proven NEW ERA Potato Chips to be a highly concentrated energy producing food, 95% digestible and of greater alkalinity than even fresh raw potatoes.

Their product must be healthy, just look at all those slim, active silhouettes horseriding, fishing, golfing, sledding, swimming, playing tennis, and skiing!

Found this can of scientific wonder at Urban Ore (the ultimate in complete recycling and thrift, located in Berkeley, CA).

See a fabulous photo of a New Era ad on a barn silo, by loungelistener

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7-Up in America

29 09 2007

“United We Stand / Uncle Sam”
7-Up packaging, 1976
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

Urban Ore (the ultimate in complete recycling and thrift, located in Berkeley, CA) had these fab vintage 7-Up cans.

7-Up produced this ad campaign in 1976, with 50 cans, one for each state. If you stacked them in order alphabetically, they showed an image of Uncle Sam on the reverse. More info on these cans…

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