Come to my art show! Friday, Nov. 13th

10 11 2009

Behind the Cup: Coffeeshop Portraits by Paula Wirth

Art Opening: Friday November 13, 2009 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Urban portraiture sketched in brush and ink, captured in Vancouver, BC Canada and the SF Bay Area.

Show runs November 13 – December 15

Woody’s Cafe
1841 Park Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606
Hours: 7:30-7pm daily

Event listed on  Facebook | Upcoming



Take the Magic With You

16 07 2008

Visit the newly restored Alameda Theatre!

I’ve been closely following the development and restoration of the lovely Alameda Theatre, in Alameda, CA. This glamorous art deco movie palace was originally designed by Timothy Pflueger, and built by the Nasser family, who still own and operate the gorgeous Castro Theatre in San Francisco (another Pflueger creation).

After closing as a theatre in 1979, the building housed a roller skating rink, disco, and gymnastics school, as well as serving as band practice space. Now an 8-screen multiplex, with retail space and an attached garage, the cinema shows first-run movies.

I had a chance to view the renovated main theatre and grand entrance hall, with spectacular original lighting fixtures, gilt ornamentation, and plate glass doors. Spectacular! I would love, however, to view a thirties-era movie in that space, with Wurlitzer interludes.

My photos of the Alameda Theatre

The Alameda Theatre flickr pool

More info on the Historic Alameda Theater Rehabilitation Project

A great article from Alameda Magazine: Now Playing!

This is the Orient— the Orient is Hong Kong

24 02 2008

This is the Orient— the Orient is Hong Kong
Illustration by Dong Kingman
Holiday, April 1961
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

Inspired by Leif Peng of Today’s Inspiration, who has been posting great illustrations from mid-century Holiday magazines, I am featuring advertising illustrations by the amazing illustrator Dong Kingman (1911 – 2000), printed in Holiday’s April 1961 edition (entirely devoted to San Francisco).

Born in Oakland, CA, of Chinese decent, Dong Kingman had an impressive and long career as an artist/illustrator and teacher, including work as a WPA project artist in the 30s and 40s (and pioneer of the “California Style” of painting) and producing cover illustration for Time, Life, Fortune, New York Times, and the Saturday Review. His paintings appear in galleries around the world. His watercolors were even used as mood backgrounds for Hollywood movies.

Read his full bio

See advertisements for the Hong Kong Tourist Association, and for travel to San Francisco.

You can bet I will be looking for more examples of his work to share with you in the future.

More about Dong Kingman and his work…

You like them Fresh? So do I!

20 11 2007

You like them Fresh? So do I!
Camels advertisement
Game & Gossip
, 1932
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

Smoke a FRESH Cigarette!

Nurses everywhere recommend smoking!!

From the back page of a 1932 Game and Gossip Magazine:

She knows by a grateful throat’s testimony what a relief this smooth, cool, slow-burning fresh cigarette means to sensitive membrane.

Experience more fresh cigarettes from RJ Reynolds…

For more cough-free, minty fresh vintage tobacco advertising, signs and packaging, see my Vintage Smoking flickr set, or join us at the Smooth Smoke Slogans that “Satisfy” [VINTAGE] pool…

(Paula’s bad habit is collecting and spending too much time on flickr, not smoking…)

Doubles Your Protection in Wet Weather

15 10 2007

Doubles your protection
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

On a rainy Monday morning, nothing brightens the spirit like a Mother-daughter combo wearing their matching polka dot rainwear!

This photo illustration for General Tire appeared in a 1951 Newsweek magazine.

Rainwear is designed by Lawrence of London.

More General Tire ads…

Clothespin Nose

13 10 2007

Catching Cold!
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

Sadly, I am at home, sick with a chest cold. I could use some medication for clothespin nose. Or whatever that is.

Or at least some cough medicine. Or brandy.

(Ad for Luden’s Medicated Menthol Cough Drops — costing a whole 5 cents!!)


A Bicycle Built for Two

2 10 2007

A Bicycle Built for Two
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

I’ve been saving this found photo for a while — too sweet for words.

For more vintage bikes and biking, please see the Vintage Bikes pool…

“Daisy, Daisy,
Give me your answer do!
I’m half crazy,
All for the love of you!
It won’t be a stylish marriage,
I can’t afford a carriage
But you’ll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle made for two.”