Pop Art Paula
(no, my hair and eyes aren’t really blue)
Original “Lichtenstein-style” graphic by Paula Wirth

Seeing as I have entirely too many vintage groups and images scattered about, I thought it was high time that I attempt to neatly organize and curate them in some fashion. So, voila, here is my blog!!

I do hope you will enjoy the images!

Some of my favorite subjects:

The history of typography and graphic design, vintage advertising, pulp fiction covers, book and magazine illustrations, old signs, vintage 7-Up, vintage vinyl, classic cars and bikes (especially Schwinn), classic cinema and glorious old movie palaces and theatres, vintage drug stores and supermarkets, and old-timey music and 78s, from ragtime to 20s and 30s crooners and songbirds. I have a special interest in old etiquette and charm publications, and ironic portrayals of women (and gender roles) of the past.


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27 12 2007

An interesting collection of iconic images, to say the least. I collect many of the same treasures, but like many packrats, I am starting to run out of space. Well… who am I kidding; I ran out of space some time ago! I’ve been wanting to digitize and share some of the amazing graphics from my assemblage for a while now, so I’m hopeful projects like yours will help motivate me. Good luck in all your collecting pursuits!

1 02 2008

Hey Paula, as someone into iconic images, you must visit the Prelinger Library, the most media intensive library on the west coast:


18 02 2009
Vincent Lexington Harper

Showcasing the world’s largest collection of digitally restored vintage advertising posters, from Japan, China and Manchukuo, 1920’s-1930’s, rescued from extinction and 100% digitally reborn! Entire collection took over 14 months and 5,000 painstaking unpaid hours to complete. (Please view and include in your blog if acceptable, thanks!!!!)

20 08 2009

I saw that on your Flickr account, you had pics of a book by Jane Flory. She was a friend of mine and after she passed a way, I set up a little blog that gives her bio and show her work. You may enjoy it.


15 10 2010

hi stumbled upon your intersting blog
will follow it now on
feel free to check out mine
dedicated to illustrations in colour from french encyclopedias
have a nice week end

15 02 2012

Hello Paula, I noticed you posted “that’s my weakness now” on the internet, I am just wondering if you have another Helen Kane tune “don’t be like that” ? thanks, chloe

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