Take the Magic With You

16 07 2008

Visit the newly restored Alameda Theatre!

I’ve been closely following the development and restoration of the lovely Alameda Theatre, in Alameda, CA. This glamorous art deco movie palace was originally designed by Timothy Pflueger, and built by the Nasser family, who still own and operate the gorgeous Castro Theatre in San Francisco (another Pflueger creation).

After closing as a theatre in 1979, the building housed a roller skating rink, disco, and gymnastics school, as well as serving as band practice space. Now an 8-screen multiplex, with retail space and an attached garage, the cinema shows first-run movies.

I had a chance to view the renovated main theatre and grand entrance hall, with spectacular original lighting fixtures, gilt ornamentation, and plate glass doors. Spectacular! I would love, however, to view a thirties-era movie in that space, with Wurlitzer interludes.

My photos of the Alameda Theatre

The Alameda Theatre flickr pool

More info on the Historic Alameda Theater Rehabilitation Project

A great article from Alameda Magazine: Now Playing!




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