Easter Egg animals by Richard Baer

23 03 2008

Easter Egg animals by Richard Baer
McCall’s magazine, April 1954
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Happy Easter!

Make these perky Easter egg animals at home!

Designed by Richard Baer for the April 1954 edition of McCall’s magazine, the animals include “Mr. Mouse,” an elephant, frog, rooster, duck, and of course, a bunny.

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Mister Rogers sings…

21 03 2008

Mr. Rogers Sings for those times when…
45RPM record cover
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for those times when…

You feel you did something wrong

I spent many an hour watching Mister Rogers as a kid. Loved the puppets. Wish I had the accompanying poster by Alice and Martin Provensen, originally included with the sleeve for this 1973 45RPM record.

Check out the lyrics
for Sometimes People are Good, and Everybody’s fancy… pretty amusing, indeed.

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