This is the Orient— the Orient is Hong Kong

24 02 2008

This is the Orient— the Orient is Hong Kong
Illustration by Dong Kingman
Holiday, April 1961
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Inspired by Leif Peng of Today’s Inspiration, who has been posting great illustrations from mid-century Holiday magazines, I am featuring advertising illustrations by the amazing illustrator Dong Kingman (1911 – 2000), printed in Holiday’s April 1961 edition (entirely devoted to San Francisco).

Born in Oakland, CA, of Chinese decent, Dong Kingman had an impressive and long career as an artist/illustrator and teacher, including work as a WPA project artist in the 30s and 40s (and pioneer of the “California Style” of painting) and producing cover illustration for Time, Life, Fortune, New York Times, and the Saturday Review. His paintings appear in galleries around the world. His watercolors were even used as mood backgrounds for Hollywood movies.

Read his full bio

See advertisements for the Hong Kong Tourist Association, and for travel to San Francisco.

You can bet I will be looking for more examples of his work to share with you in the future.

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Easy-Do Parties Electrically

16 02 2008

Easy-Do Parties Electrically
by Marguerite Fenner, PG&E, 1960.
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How does one achieve that “Relaxed Party-Giving Feeling”?

Live Better… Electrically!!!

Throwing parties is a breeze with this entertaining little cookbook, written by Marguerite Fenner, and published in 1960 by Milliken Publishing Company for PG&E’s Home Economics Department.

Although, if you look at this cover illustration, it is hard to determine whether Suzy Homemaker’s electric appliances are responsible for her carefree attitude, or because hubby/pool boy has been drafted into service preparing the froofy electric blender smoothies.

Try this tasty number — Fresh Pineapple Mint Splash!
1 cup diced fresh pineapple
3 oranges, peeled and cut
1/4 pound after-dinner mints
1/2 cup water
1 cup chipped ice

Put all ingredients except ice in container. Cover and liquefy at low speed. Add ice and run at high speed until ice is melted. If too thick, add more ice or water. Makes about 4 servings.

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