Oh! Dr. Kinsey!

9 10 2007

Oh! Dr. Kinsey!
by Lawrence Lariar
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

When Dr. Kinsey’s reports on human sexual behavior came out in 1948 (Sexual Behavior in the Human Male) and 1953 (Sexual Behavior in the Human Female), ever so much hullabaloo was made over the publications.

I found this entertaining comic parody of women’s reactions to Kinsey’s questions on their sexual behavior, Oh! Dr. Kinsey! by Lawrence Lariar, published in 1953 after the report on female sexuality. Lawrence Lariar was a talented cartoonist, editor (Best Cartoons of the Year series) and author of mystery novels. (NY Times Obituary).

(The photos, as the author explains, are all of professional models, and the book is “in no way scientific.”)




2 responses

21 07 2008
Shannon Tucker

I heard from another source that Dr. Kinsey was bi-sexual. He was married and had a male lover at the same time. What do you think of that?!
It was poignant and made me wake up to the ‘real world’.

30 09 2008

I think the way he looked at the world was amazing! How can you judge a person who never judges others?

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