7-Up in America

29 09 2007

“United We Stand / Uncle Sam”
7-Up packaging, 1976
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

Urban Ore (the ultimate in complete recycling and thrift, located in Berkeley, CA) had these fab vintage 7-Up cans.

7-Up produced this ad campaign in 1976, with 50 cans, one for each state. If you stacked them in order alphabetically, they showed an image of Uncle Sam on the reverse. More info on these cans…

For more vintage 7-Up ads, signs and packaging, please join the “Feelin’ 7-Up” group!!!




3 responses

2 10 2007
Bubble Wrap

this is a nice brand and the best thing is it keeps on changing the packaging . and its always nice to see a change . ………………

21 12 2008
T. Dennehy

I have both collections. Outline of US when stacked up and Uncle Sam when stacked up. Perfect condition. Want to sell.

23 12 2010

How much would the whole set be worth I found the complete set with uncle Sam in my grandmothers attic?

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