AMI Music Jukebox

27 09 2007

AMI Music Jukebox
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth


Found this lovely old jukebox for sale along the sidewalk in Temescal, Oakland, CA. I park on this street sometimes when visiting the Temescal Farmer’s Market, in Oakland, CA.

Gotta love the impressive music selection, all on vinyl!!





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28 09 2007
Dennis Dixson

What’s not to love? This is very cool but where do people find the time to blog on top of everything else?

I’m having trouble getting anything done at all. Maybe the world is better off because of it. 😉

Great photo!

28 09 2007

The blog looks great, Paula! I’ve never seen this AMI model. It sure is nice looking!

I’m with Dennis…not enough time in a day to do all that needs to be done.

Time for bed

30 05 2008
Margaret Schermerhorn

I think that is a 1956 AMI…I had the same model and color Juke for years in my coffee bar in Pasadena, with a kick-@ss lineup of tunes on it…nothing later than 1961. See it on this website: The “log-in” is bogus…just click on Log-in and you are on your way through an incredibly convoluted entry journey… just like getting to the real place! Just keep looking for where to click…. When you get in click on the little juke box to get to it’s page, then go to the orange section to hear some of the tunes recorded off the juke itself back in the 80s…. and don’t miss the “ambient sound” section either for the nightly trainpassing and the espresso machine and Billie Holliday in the background…. The Espresso Bar 1979-1995 no RIP!

15 06 2008
Miss Havisham

Ah Margaret! I do miss that place.

18 06 2009
Boris Boland

It’s an AMI model F-120 from 1954… one of the best-sounding jukeboxes ever made.

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