Welcome to my new blog!

25 09 2007

More women use Tide!
Originally uploaded by Paula Wirth

While creating new flickr groups is easy as pie, deciding on a blog name and description has taken far too long. Now that I’ve finally settled on a blog name (and service), I hope to use this blog to showcase the piles of images scattered around my apartment, and filling my flickr stream.

Expect plenty of vintage ephemera goodness!




4 responses

25 09 2007

Congratulations on starting your damn fine blog, Paula! I am honoured to leave you your first comment! 😉

25 09 2007

This looks very promising! A damn fine idea, good luck! 🙂

27 09 2007

Great job Paula!

BTW those Tide ladies look like they’ve been hitting it a bit early.

10 10 2007

Very well done, Paula. I like it.
However, having had personal experience with the 50’s decade,
alas, it has little appeal to me. To quote The Bard: “Been there,
done that, Horatio.” Seeing it all now seems spiritually antiseptic,
but boldly quaint.

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