7-Up in America

29 09 2007

“United We Stand / Uncle Sam”
7-Up packaging, 1976
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Urban Ore (the ultimate in complete recycling and thrift, located in Berkeley, CA) had these fab vintage 7-Up cans.

7-Up produced this ad campaign in 1976, with 50 cans, one for each state. If you stacked them in order alphabetically, they showed an image of Uncle Sam on the reverse. More info on these cans…

For more vintage 7-Up ads, signs and packaging, please join the “Feelin’ 7-Up” group!!!


The Lennox Furnace Company

28 09 2007

Lennox Aire-Flo Heating
Illustrated by Dave Mink
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I found a set of 1950s brochures and correspondence from the Lennox Furnace Company, “The World’s Largest Manufacturers and Engineers of Warm Air Heating Systems.” Great illustrations, but the folks seem just a tad too excited about their new heating, don’t ya think?

Nowadays, I think that level of excitement is restricted to people who can actually afford to buy a home in the Bay area.

I will be uploading many more illustrated brochures related to housing in the near future.

View all the Lennox Furnace Company Brochures

Oaks Theater

27 09 2007

Oaks Theater, Berkeley, CA.
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One of the fabulous things about the SF Bay Area, is the number of old theatres. We can only hope they are spared from fires and condo developers. Here is the Oaks Theatre, which was opened in 1925, and restored in 1994.

I love old movies, especially from the 20s and 30s – Just watched the Forbidden Hollywood Collection, Vol. 1, with Waterloo Bridge (1931), Baby Face, and Red-Headed Woman (1933), from TCM Archives. The DVD set features both the theatrical-release version of Baby Face (with editing), and the pre-release version, which I prefer. The best part is when the old man uses Nietzsche as a dating manual. A must-see!!

AMI Music Jukebox

27 09 2007

AMI Music Jukebox
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Found this lovely old jukebox for sale along the sidewalk in Temescal, Oakland, CA. I park on this street sometimes when visiting the Temescal Farmer’s Market, in Oakland, CA.

Gotta love the impressive music selection, all on vinyl!!


Welcome to my new blog!

25 09 2007

More women use Tide!
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While creating new flickr groups is easy as pie, deciding on a blog name and description has taken far too long. Now that I’ve finally settled on a blog name (and service), I hope to use this blog to showcase the piles of images scattered around my apartment, and filling my flickr stream.

Expect plenty of vintage ephemera goodness!